How to remove call noise in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is implementing an AI-based noise cancellation feature. It automatically removes unwanted background noise during Microsoft Teams calls or meetings. The feature is rolling out gradually for Microsoft Teams desktop users.

Microsoft first announced the real-time noise cancellation feature in March 2020, but the feature was added to the Teams roadmap in October. The technology uses deep neural networks to analyze audio sources and separate human voice signals from unwanted noise during Teams meetings.

Microsoft Teams users will be able to access this feature directly from the main Teams window. The process is pretty straightforward and we teach you how to do it and get rid of the noise.

How to remove call noise in Teams

Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner, then select the “Settings” option. We select “Devices” on the left, then we select one of the following options: Automatic (default), Low, or High, available in the Noise cancellation section.

It is important to note that the processor must support Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2) to opt for the “high” setting. Users will be able to change this setting at any time, and once changed, the setting should be kept for the next meeting or call. Alex Eggers, Microsoft MVP, has created a video that delves into its inner workings with the aforementioned parameters.

The advent of AI-based noise cancellation would be a milestone for Microsoft Teams. And it should help employees limit distractions in a remote environment. Although the Microsoft 365 admin center post says the feature will generally be available to desktop users in mid-December, there’s no telling whether or not it will roll out to iOS and Android.

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