How to remove the weather widget from the Windows 10 taskbar

Maybe some of you have noticed that there is something strange in the Windows 10 taskbar. Don’t panic. You haven’t downloaded “something weird” or have a virus. This is a feature recently implemented by Microsoft and known as “News & Interests”. We’ll walk you through what it is and how to remove it if you don’t like it.

What are news and interests?

We are faced with a widget that allows us to access relevant information related to traffic, the stock market, the weather and the news that interests us with just one click. Much like Google Discover, News & Interests functions as a hub that brings us relevant information.

The objective of News and Interests is twofold. On the one hand, Microsoft is looking to make Windows 10 a “closer” operating system to consumers instead of focusing only on businesses (a mission that will be spelled out with the Windows 10 21H2 update in the part of the Sun Valley project). On the other hand, those of Redmond intend with it to promote MSN services (although this is motivated, they will never admit it for obvious reasons).

What do users think?

At the moment, it is too early to know what the general opinion of Windows 10 users is on this feature. However, there are some things we can talk about that seem particularly strange to us. News and Interests is not implemented natively but works through a web view (in particular, the web view of the old Edge). This makes its performance not the best possible, especially its scrolling.

Additionally, it was released with a series of bugs such as the text appearing blurry or displayed just by hovering the mouse over without needing to hold it for a moment. These two details along with smaller details have already been fixed on the Windows Insider Dev channel. The question is: why rush to release a new feature when it wasn’t ready yet? Why not wait for Windows 21H2?

Our sources claim that Microsoft may be removing this feature from the Windows 10 taskbar in Windows 10 21H2. They seem to be considering “moving” it elsewhere. If this holds true, Microsoft’s decision to now release a feature that is not fully executed and in a location that is not final would be even more incomprehensible.

How can we remove it in Windows 10?

Source: Microsofters

To remove this News & Interests widget from our taskbar, simply follow these steps:

Right click on the Windows 10 taskbar. Place the mouse over the “News and interests” option. Select the “Disconnect” option.

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