How to request the COVID certificate for travel: download it by following these steps


Posted: Thursday Jun 10 2021 8:21 AM

Since June 7, Spain has implemented the “digital green certificate”, promoted by the European Commission. A document with which the Union intends to facilitate tourist travel on the old continent, and not only for people who have been vaccinated, but also for those who have had the disease.

And the truth is, he’s active. As the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, reported during the press conference after the Interritorial on Wednesday, the CCAA, in collaboration with the Executive, has already issued more than 124,000 COVID certificates.

More precisely, there are seven communities that have jumped on the certificate train, in a pilot test designed by the EC – the rest of the European countries will not implement their certificate until next July 1 -: these are Andalusia, Aragon, Castile and León, Valencian Community, Extremadura, Galicia and Navarre, although Health has allowed anyone to request the document through other mechanisms.

In fact, the number of ‘COVID passports’ issued by these communities as a whole is even higher than that given by Darias, because in the first 48 hours of operation these regions issued 179,824 certificates. Now, if you have had the disease, have negative PCR or received the vaccine … how to request the document? We explain it to you.

Option 1: request the certificate from the Ministry of Health

This is a particularly useful option for the population which does not belong to any of the autonomies of the pilot project. And the procedure is simple: first you need to go to the website of the government entity, at this link. Once inside, click on the “Request for EU digital COVID certificate” section. You’ll see that it appears in the center of the page, with the option to open the file in a separate tab.

After this step, you will see that a text appears with information about the certificate. To access it, there are two ways: on the one hand, the digital certificate – remember that, to activate it, you must have activated the Autofirma program, which you can download here – or the Cl @ ve format (here you can see how to request it if you don’t have it).

Once done, just choose the digital certificate you want to use (with your identity) and you can start requesting. In it, you just have to put your first and last name, as well as the community in which you reside. Likewise, you must choose one of two options: vaccination certificate or recovery certificate. After following these steps, it will give you the option to download a PDF. And there you have it, you can take the COVID certificate to your own mobile.

Option 2: request it through the portal of your autonomous community

As we said, there are already seven regions that independently issue these COVID certificates. Next, we take a look at where you can get them in each of these territories:


In this case, you must enter the ClicSalud portal, go to the section where it is written “Health” and, as in the previous steps, identify yourself either via a digital certificate or via Cl @ ve. You also have the possibility to enter the number of your health insurance card, if you do not have these documents.

Also, another option is to use an app activated by the Andalusian Council itself (you can download it for Android here). Those over 65, on the other hand, do not have to do any paperwork: they will receive this vaccination certificate at their home, as indicated by the Ministry of Health.


You can make your request via the Salud Informa site: all you need to do is identify yourself with the digital certificate or with the Health PIN code. Then you can download the PDF with the necessary information. In addition, the autonomous government warns that a feature for this certificate will soon be activated in the government APP.

Castile and Leon

In this community, it is possible to download the COVID certificate via the application activated by the Ministry of Health: SACYL Conecta. However, as with the ministry site, the only way to access the document is through the digital certificate or the Cl @ ve.

Valencian Community

The Valencian Community has a specific website that only allows you to request the COVID certificate. You can access it through this link. The advantage is that you can apply for the certificate with the health card number and the date of birth, so that little paperwork is required. Likewise, the region has activated a second option, in the GVASalud APP.


In this autonomy, despite the fact that there is no mobile application where to download the certificate, there are two other options. On the one hand, the Health website itself, where you have to identify yourself with your PIN code or digital certificate. And, on the other hand, in person, by going to health centers and hospitals.


The Galician region was one of the first to allow this possibility. Again, as in Extremadura, the COVID certificate can be requested in person, although there is also a telematic means. Specifically, request access to the certificate through this web page – you must register for it – and then through the application that Xunta has activated for this COVID document:


In this region, you can request the certificate on the Personal Health Record page, as well as on the mobile APP of this entity. However, again, the Key @ ve or digital certificate is required to access it.

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