How to retain talent in times of crisis

Job changes are also being made after the pandemic: how to retain talent in times of crisis

Many experts agree that 2021 is a year of change. Despite the work challenges that the pandemic has created, it has also caused many people to consider a change of course and start with their own work. Difficulties in reconciliation, lack of flexibility or communication problems are some of the main reasons. Coming from Alares, an expert company with a concern for people, they provide a series of keys to retain talents, beyond retaining them.

Personalized emotional services

First, it is necessary to create a series of emotional services that make life easier for staff. This means that employees will value the feeling of belonging to the company more because they feel well surrounded and are at the center of the company. More than a third of people who change companies do so not to improve their salary perception, but to have a better work environment. Being able to achieve this depends on our involvement as a business in what we call the emotional paycheck. Emotional wages are all those non-economic rewards that encourage a good working environment, increase productivity and meet the personal, family or professional needs of workers, thereby improving their quality of life.


Teleworking, flexible hours and the certainty of being able to work in a hybrid system of telework and face-to-face work are the factors most appreciated by people who see how their personal and professional balance is possible.


Another factor that holds back talent is training. According to Sandra Polo, Head of Employee Experience at Alares Clients, “there is little that builds loyalty more than the feeling of integrating knowledge and skills into our work environment. As professionals, we must continue to learn continuously to expand our knowledge and improve our personal and professional skills. This evolution and development bring us happiness, make us more productive and help us project our work horizon. In this way, it is possible to retain, heal and capitalize on talents. At the same time, engagement-based links are generated ”.

Without a doubt, all of the above takes on even more strength when there is recognition and opportunity for growth within the company itself. Models appreciate knowing that their work, effort, dedication and involvement is recognized. For this, it is important to foster teamwork and the development of a creative corporate culture, open to new ideas, with a flexible and fluid structure, which supports horizontal leadership, communicates openly and transparently and creates an environment in which our talents can be released. its full potential.

These orientations, beyond programs or activities having a short-term effect, create a corporate culture that generates a feeling of belonging; main ingredient in our task of retaining our own talents.

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