How to secure remote work?

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading global cybersecurity provider, has launched Check Point Harmony, the first unified solution that enables secure connectivity to all business resources, providing total endpoint protection from any location. apparatus. Harmony is responsible for ensuring the security of corporate and BYOD devices and their Internet connections against known and zero-day attacks, while providing zero-trust access to corporate applications in a single, easy-to-manage solution. .

Ensuring the current “work from anywhere” environment is one of the top priorities for companies, as 81% have adopted remote working overwhelmingly and 74% plan to do so permanently. However, there are serious doubts about how to protect remote users: 52% said their main concern was securing endpoints, 47% said it was stopping social engineering cyberattacks, but only 29% implement endpoint protection solutions on your employees’ devices. .

Check Point Harmony addresses these challenges by unifying the endpoint, browser, email, and remote access security components to protect all users’ devices, as well as the corporate network they connect to, against known and unknown threats. Harmony integrates key security features into a single solution to deliver:

Comprehensive Web Security: As a core component of Harmony, the new Harmony Browse provides secure, fast and private web browsing, inspecting all SSL traffic directly at the endpoint – without adding latency or redirecting traffic – via a web service secured. Harmony Browse blocks zero-day malware downloads, blocks access to phishing websites, and prevents reuse of corporate passwords. It also keeps user search history private, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. Harmony Browse is easily deployed as a nano-agent in users’ browsers and can be combined with any secure web gateway or endpoint security solution to enhance overall protection. Secure remote access from any device, anywhere: Harmony Connect establishes a secure connection between all users or services and all resources, with secure access through the Zero Trust network from any browser . Protect User Emails & Productivity Apps: Harmony Email & Office secures users’ email clients and provides comprehensive protection for Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Google G Suite, etc. Total security on mobile devices and at endpoints: Harmony Endpoint protects computers against data theft, phishing, malware and minimizes the impact of a system breach with autonomous detection and response. Harmony Mobile also protects employee mobile devices from malicious apps and attacks on the network or operating system.

“Companies have made major changes to their IT structures to massively enable teleworking, which they will continue to do,” said Michael Suby, vice president of research at IDC. “Our forecast indicates that by 2024, teleworkers will represent almost 60% of the total workforce in the United States. This rapid pace of change opens up security holes and increases the number of attack possibilities for the company, especially from employee devices and remote connections to company applications ”.

“The massive movement towards telecommuting has created holes in the security infrastructure of enterprises, which cannot be filled with different products from different companies,” said Rafi Kretchmer, vice president of product marketing at Check Point Software. “Harmony fills these gaps with unified multi-layered security and prevention technologies, blocking attacks from all fronts. It provides security for the new “Work from Anywhere” business environment, with easy deployment and management from a single console. “

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