How to streamline HR management to make it more agile

Streamlining the company’s human resources management and making it much more agile is possible. Companies such as Ferrovial have already tested comprehensive management systems for all processes related to the people department of the company. Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) is one of the driving forces behind digital transformation.

The application supports the company’s HR and Information Systems strategy. The aim is to implement an operating model that improves the digitization and efficiency of companies.

Its advantages include the fact that the tool allows employees to manage all human resources processes from any electronic device.

In addition, it provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the workforce, and gives immediate access to information that enables rapid, data-driven decisions to be made at any time.

On the other hand, the platform makes it possible to effectively manage talent. In addition, it offers managers and executives visibility, knowledge and up-to-date data on their teams. All of this allows for more efficient management of the workforce.

Ferrovial’s managing director of human resources, Carlos Cerezo, assures us that Ferrovial’s digital transformation in an area such as human resources “aims to support the general strategy of the company. Strengthening talent management and employee experience are key areas, so we must prepare for new leadership with a much more digital and dynamic workforce. “

For his part, the Country Manager Spain and Portugal at Workday, Adolfo Pellicer, indicates that this type of solution is useful “in times of uncertainty”, because companies want “to go further and seek exceptional results”, therefore the transformation digital has become a key element of your strategy for success. With Workday, they succeeded in creating a “culture of agility, data-driven decision making and automation that is vital today and will be even more so in the future”.

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