How to tackle the challenges HR departments face in 2021, experts say

How to tackle the challenges HR departments face in 2021, experts say

IEBS Digital School, the leading digital business school for online training, hosted Human Tech Day last Thursday, an event that brought together expert leaders in high-impact technologies and methodologies for HR departments. During the day, speakers shared their experiences on how their organizations have successfully overcome the challenges of change and, furthermore, added their vision for the future regarding the use of technology for business management. talents.

Visions on how to meet the 2021 HR challenges

First, Mnica Flores, President of ManpowerGroup LATAM, had the floor. Mnica spoke of the need for companies to attract talent based on new skills, such as the ability to build relationships in new hybrid work models like the current ones. According to Monica, it is necessary to elevate human capacities so as not to compete with machines in the plane where the latter excel.

The following session was led by Miguel Angel Dez Rincn, People Analytics Manager at Telefnica, whose session discussed the importance of working with data in any organization, including its HR departments, with the goal of getting to know people better, thus increasing results. and productivity. Miguel Angel cautioned attendees not to start a people analysis project with the data, but with the business questions that the data needs to answer.

The third presentation was given by Isaac Cantalejo, IBM Partner and Talent & Transformation Practice Leader. An inspiring exhibit on the use of technology to improve the employee experience through active talent management. To do this, it is possible to make the comparison of seeing the employee as a cookie, made up of data, which then leads to a multitude of integrated tools and functioning as one.

And if we have the right talent in the organization, what to do next? According to Javier Mengibar, Head of Recruitment and Selection at Wrth Espaa, it’s all about fostering curiosity and sharing knowledge. To achieve this, they launched a microlearning application that helps organize, manage and bring together the organization’s internal knowledge in what they call “Corporate Brain”.

On the other hand, and continuing the application of digital for the automation of processes within HR departments, Ivn Sala, VP & Founder of Talent Clue, transferred the opportunity to be able to automate the publication of job offers in order to to manage to effectively attract the best talent. Ivn cautioned against using the different tools properly, customizing offers based on the type of posting channel.

Finally, the session of Pedro Rojas, HR consultant, focused on the opportunities that exist today in the selection of talents through social networks and the importance of collecting soft skills from them such as the ability to speak. , communicate, discipline or passion.

Human Tech Day has thus become a set of ideas and best practices on the application of technologies for talent management in a digital context, told in first person by expert leaders with a single objective: to inspire other organizations. .

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