How to turn off all meeting participants in Microsoft Teams

There is no doubt about the commitment of the company led by Satya Nadella to Microsoft Teams. Those at Redmond have turned one of their latest products into the backbone of Microsoft 365, combining it with a vast, ever-expanding productivity ecosystem. In this way, we see how the service continues to improve with many new features continuously.

On this occasion, Microsoft Teams receives a novelty widely known in other applications such as Adobe Connect. Meeting organizers will now be able to mute all attendees and prevent them from activating their microphones during the meeting. Thus, presenters can maintain order and avoid interruptions during the video call.

Participants will need to request permission to speak in Microsoft Teams

After scheduling the meeting and sending the invitations, organizers will be able to mute participants’ microphones and not be able to activate them during the meeting. It will be the guests who will have to raise their hands, virtually, to ask for their turn. Afterwards, it will be up to the organizers to allow them to express themselves or not during the call.

Before the meeting, we go to the calendar and double-click on the meeting, click on Meeting options at the top of the screen, uncheck the Allow participants to re-enable audio option and select Save.

During the meeting, organizers and presenters can also prevent participants from turning on the microphone. This can be done by clicking on the three dots icon that appears in the attendees panel and then clicking on Do not allow attendees to unmute.

Participants must request their turn to speak. To do this, they will have to click on the raised hand icon and it will be up to the organizers to give them access to the microphone. To do this, they will have to click on the icon with the three dots next to the participant and click on Allow audio.

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