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News tip Miitopia, secret classes: How do I unlock Elf and Vampire? Our guide Posted on 06/01/2021 at 9:43 PM Miitopia is a pretty robust post-game game. After defeating the Avatar of Worst (spoiler), there is still a series of missions to complete and two new realms to explore. But that’s not all ! In addition to all of this content, it is also possible to unlock 2 new classes for your Miis: the vampire and the elf. How do you ? Follow the instructions! After your fight against the avatar of evil (not the worst, be careful) you will unlock a new area: the city of travelers. It’s a center full of Mii characters with names and faces, all of which are crazier than the last one (there was one named “Illuminati” on our backup, for example). The city of travelers is therefore full of NPCs who give you quests for more or less interesting rewards. Note that new missions appear in the city every day. If you log in daily, you will soon see a “Vampire Filmmaker” in town. This vampire gives you a mission: Eliminate the ghosts in the manor, which is located in the kingdom of Deliria. This is a level 13 quest so very easy to complete. At the end of the quest, the vampire will give you the bat amulet, an item that will automatically unlock the vampire class the next time you visit the inn. And here is the task! Is the vampire a good class? We didn’t cover the vampire in our Miitopia class guide because it’s a hidden class, but it’s not uninteresting so far. Similar to the thief, the basic attack of the vampire hits all enemies. Practically. We think of this class a bit like a “sub-tank”: it has a lot of HP, little speed, and a lot of attack (and even a little magic). The vampire can steal life, “curse” its enemies to injure several rounds, revive allies … in short, it’s fun and strong. What more could you ask for? In order to play an Elf, you must first defeat the Avatar of Worst and see the credits. Make your way to the paradise island of Galapass in the west of the mainland. As an exception, we recommend a team from level 25, this island is the most complicated area of ​​the game, you just have to complete ALL levels of the island. Once that’s done, you’ll have access to a stone door at the bottom of the map. There you have to face the “False Avatar of Evil”, quite a feverish boss if you cram 200 per character and know how to use salt shakers. Yes, the avatar of evil has several variations after the end of the story: If the boss is down, you come to a chest, which of course has to be opened. It contains the Elven Amulet, an item that will automatically unlock the Elven class the next time you visit the inn. Is the elf a good class? For an ultimate class that only unlocks after the game, the elf isn’t that crazy. A bit like the cook, this is a versatile class that can both support teammates (heal opponents, distract, etc.) and do very decent damage thanks to a good attack value. Honestly, if you already have a good cook: what’s the use of it to you ? Also read all of our guides to Miitopia By -LecHad-, Writing MP

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