How to use data to put the employee at the center?

The keys to HR Analytics and Learning Analytics: How to use data to put the employee at the center?

Data analytics has made its way into the human resources industry. Analyzing the data we get from our processes, activities or even behaviors is vital for all the senses. And this is the best way to improve and learn for the future, to avoid mistakes and, logically, to get more profit every day.

And data analytics has also reached the HR industry with the intention, more than digitizing people management, optimizing the relationship with them, ensuring their well-being and that of their families, to seek the personal and professional development of their models and that in this way they can be more productive.

But the concept of HR Analytics is perhaps a little complicated to grasp for those who do not know very well in the matter or in technological matter. Therefore, from LMS and RRHHDigital, you should not miss the webinar ‘HR Analytics & Learning Analytics: how to be a’ centric employee ‘through data’ which will be held next Thursday, June 24, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

In this one, far from knowing everything about HR Analytics in a theoretical way, we will do it in a practical way. And it will be through an introduction by Marta Pérez, Executive Director of the Leadership Management School (LMS), followed by a presentation by Ana Valera, Human Resources Analysis Manager at PDA International and Director of the Business Analysis Program. people online at LMS. She will tell us what HR Analytics and Learning Analytics are based on her extensive experience in this area.

To top it off, just before the Q&A session, Luis González Quero – EEx Tribe & People Business Partner of Telefónica and Pilar Ortega San Martín – People MyGrowth – Employee Experience Tribe of Telefónica, will tell us about the success story of Telefónica apply data analysis to people management. What could be better than knowing how they do it in one of the big companies nationally and internationally to be able to know what works and how it works.

Don’t miss the webinar ‘HR Analytics & Learning Analytics: how to be’ employee centric ‘through data’

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