how VET students can bring innovative solutions to companies such as Coca-Cola, El Corte Ingls or Fujitsu

e-Challenge: how VET students can bring innovative solutions to companies such as Coca-Cola, El Corte Ingls or Fujitsu

e-FP is launching e-Challenge, an innovation day during which the young participants of the program will work, next Thursday April 15, to provide innovative solutions to the real challenges of seven companies: Coca-Cola, El Corte Ingls, Enags , Fujitsu, Fundacin MTorres, SAP and, as guest NGO, the Spanish Red Cross.

e-FP is a program promoted by the Crate Foundation and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce with the support of the European Social Fund, which works to develop entrepreneurial talent among vocational students from all over Spain. So, during the course, students carry out innovation projects using cutting edge methodology and tools, such as Design Thinking, ABP and Lean Startup, the same that successful companies use today.

As part of the 2nd edition of the educational program, the e-Challenge meeting will bring together the 50 best students of this edition to work intensively with these methodologies, hand in hand with facilitators and professionals led by Humberto Matas, President of the Design and Innovation Foundation. In addition, each working group will benefit from the support of a professional expert from the participating companies and “owner” of each challenge. Together, they will get the maximum performance and creativity from the proposed solutions.

Thus, in an 8-hour day, 9 multidisciplinary teams of 5 to 6 e-FP students, from different projects and who, therefore, do not know each other, will work together on the challenge assigned to them by a participating company.

A day to count, in addition, with the intervention of the Hon. Mr. Pedro Duque, Minister of Science and Innovation, to inspire students with his experience as an astronaut.

Seven companies, seven challenges

The participating companies have already prepared their challenges, all around the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which the students will face on April 15.

Coca-Cola’s European partners, represented by Javier Dapena, head of communications in the central region of Spain, challenge students to devise new ways of creating jobs in rural areas in order to repopulate these regions. For his part, El Corte Ingls, through Mayte Fernndez Ferrero, responsible for the area of ​​operations and training with Ana Mancebo, responsible for internships in the company, will work with the students on new formulas to achieve a more fluid communication with potential students. business practice.

Natalia Sarrin, from Enags’ external and digital communication department, will ask them what actions they can take in the company to enhance the image of Enags as a company committed to decarbonization in the environment of young people. And Sherezade Miletich, director of human resources development at Fujitsu, is asking for their help in increasing the number of women interested in vacancies in the company.

For his part, Jos Manuel Gonzlez Sesma, technical director of innovation at MTorres, will challenge the students to design an innovative solution to support cycling among their employees, increasing safety in their practice. And Joan Moragn, Creative Designer at SAP, asks them how SAP, with its tools, can help municipalities and citizens better prepare for the next natural disaster in their cities.

As a guest NGO, the Spanish Red Cross, to have three working groups, to which to challenge how to prevent a family from falling into a situation of fuel poverty.

More information about the e-Challenge and the challenges, here:

e-Challenge, a unique Open Innovation experience to generate unconventional ideas in business

The seven companies will get involved and, through their experts, will work hand in hand with the students in the design of the solutions, which will also allow them to see the reality and mindset of young people up close. VET who will complete your studies and enter the job market soon.

At the end of the day, the solutions will be presented to a jury made up of representatives of the participating companies and e-FP employees, during a virtual event to be held the same day. The jury members will ask the work teams questions about their solutions and decide which are the best according to three categories: the most sustainable, the most viable and the most innovative.

More specifically, the decision on the best e-Challenge solutions will rest with Carmen Gmez Acebo, Director of Corporate Responsibility of Coca-Cola European Partners; Juan Luis Regaliza Garca-Mazo, director of training and selection of El Corte Ingls; Fernando Impuesto, CEO of Enags Emprende; Javier Luque, Senior IT Recruiter & HR Business Partner at Fujitsu; Yolanda Torres, Executive Vice President of MTorres; Ana Or Jordn, COO of SAP Spain; Antoni Brunell I Carreras, general coordinator of the Red Cross; Lucinio Muoz, director of Fundacin ICO; Juan Carlos Lauder, director of Dualiza Bankia; a representative of BBVA and Jos Manuel Val, head of the CESCE Business Risk Unit.

Anyone wishing to attend the welcome law and conference of the Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, as well as the awards ceremony live, can register here: https: / / – e-challenge-149730563145. Registration is free.

Constant development of innovation capacity

The e-FP program gives vocational training students the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and capacity for innovation, through a careful academic proposal that encourages innovation and creativity.

In order to develop optimally, one of the keys to the success of the project is that it has an online digital training platform from which students, teachers and mentors can work and collaborate remotely. In this way, e-FP adapts to a new social context which calls for tele-training and the management of education through digital formats.

e-FP in collaboration with Fundacin ICO, Dualiza Bankia, BBVA and CESCE; Institutions and companies involved in education and vocational training, who believe in the program and who have joined the project.

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