How will the operation of drivers change in Windows 10

Microsoft is changing the process for installing manual driver updates in Windows 10 next month. In a Windows IT Pro blog post (via Neowin), the company explained that starting November 5, 2020, Windows Update will better differentiate between automatic and manual driver updates.

Driver updates change completely

Earlier this year, Microsoft rolled out a change in Windows 10 that made optional driver updates appear on a new page under Settings> Update & Security> Optional Windows Update> Display. But as of today, when a user A new device that has a manual driver update (previously optional) available from Windows Update is connected to a Windows 10 PC, this driver will install automatically. without any user intervention.

Microsoft admitted that this was not ideal. The company will now give users more control over manual driver updates with the Windows Update change rolled out on November 5. This is what will change. Only for computers opened to receive driver updates directly from Windows Update:

Automatic driver updates will be automatically installed on your computer. When we connect a device for the first time or when a device manufacturer publishes a driver on Windows Update. There will be no change to the plug-and-play scenario when an autopilot is available from Windows Update.

Manual driver updates can be manually installed on the computer if you specifically request them, we need to go to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update> Show optional updates.

This is the next big step in the driver service transformation that Microsoft kicked off in Windows 10 earlier this year. However, this upcoming change to Windows Update will not affect IT pros who currently manage drivers on behalf of their organizations.

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