How will United Podemos be after Iglesias leaves? Who will occupy the general secretariat?

Pablo Iglesias’ political career is already history. At least, as the Secretary General of Podemos himself indicated on Tuesday, a few minutes after confirming insufficient electoral results. If the purple formation improved the records of the 2019 elections, going from 7 to 10 seats, his decision to leave paints an unknown panorama for his party.

In this sense, as indicated by sources from Unidas Podemos a laSexta, after Pablo Iglesias announced that he was leaving politics, both at the institutional and party level, for the moment the application of major movements within the advice is not on the table.

Thus, from the purple formation, they defend that the current executive is recent and that the only one who is leaving the party is Pablo Iglesias. A fact that assumes that at the organic level no one is in charge, with a leadership which, despite the fact that Iglesias has already warned of his political attrition – slips that in the future he would also like to devote himself to the ‘education. like communication -, leaves it to its own orphan party of leaders almost overnight.

Montero, Díaz or Belarra: the candidates for the head of Podemos

And with that comes the big question: who will succeed Pablo Iglesias as Secretary General? Already on April 28, in Al Rojo Vivo, Iglesias himself announced that he only had two years left at the helm of the squad, a figure that has fallen short after recent events, and which clearly opens the void to a replacement. A relay, he said, female, so the future leader is among a few names.

According to sources close to Podemos, at the government level, the name that carries the most weight is that of Yolanda Díaz, while at the Madrid level the elected representative would be Isa Serra. Now, as Podemos journalist Enrique Monrosi warns, there are two other women who have more opportunities to lead: Irene Montero, current Minister of Equality, and Ione Belarra, successor to Iglesias at the Ministry of Rights social issues and the 2030 Agenda.

In any case, the appointment of a new spokesperson for the party in the coming weeks is not excluded, even if it is not certain, explain these sources. In this sense, they are still waiting for Vistalegre 4, the celebration of which points to autumn.

The decision to leave Iglesias was very thoughtful

Asked about the conception of the abandonment of Iglesias, Monrosi assures that it was not an accident, and that his institutional and political farewell is very far from finding an explanation in the results of yesterday: “The slamming the door does not correspond to a digital failure “says the journalist. In that sense, in electoral terms, the PSOE had a much more severe blow, as did the Ciudadanos led by Albert Rivera in the general elections.

“The data is bad, but Iglesias improved the results. And we must not forget that he arrived in politics in Madrid a month and a half ago, and that he became vice-president, a position he left because he wanted to “. explains Monrosi.

For this reason, Iglesias’ departure cannot be defined as an impulse, let alone a decision taken without prior meditation. In the middle of the campaign, the president slipped that his political personality was worn out, but according to Monrosi, this has been going on for at least three years: “Before the political cycle of Rajoy begins, with the electoral rehearsals, there is already Iglesias. he started to say that the next leader of the UP was going to be a woman, who had completed a stage, ”he explains.

“The decision to leave is taken the day he is presented in Madrid”

The point is that Podemos’ recent results, which although in the general election have deteriorated over time, have allowed him to expand his position as a representative. The entry of United We Can into the government was fundamental, also with Iglesias as vice-president and with various portfolios for his party. But the beginning of the end came with the May 4 elections, to the point that Monrosi is very clear when the president has highlighted his end.

“The decision to leave is taken on the very day he decides to run for the Madrid elections.” An end that turned into agony, between death threats and barrage of polls, which day after day predicted a crushing victory for Ayuso. “Obviously he was instructed to say that the left had possibilities to govern,” Monrosi says, but his deepest wishes were different. “I wanted to put an end to this political stage”, sentence. An end which has already materialized and which leaves a United We Can with a different horizon.

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