How will university students get home for Christmas? With mask and distance

Posted: Tuesday November 24 2020 12:52 PM

The return of university students for Christmas is one of the issues that causes the most concern in families but also in the government, due to the mobility between different regions that this implies and due to family and social gatherings during holidays.

The Government considers the scenario in its draft Christmas plan and recommends that young people “limit social interactions” in the days before their return home and, likewise, take extreme preventive measures.

“Once at home, they should try to limit contact, interacting mostly outdoors rather than indoors and wear masks,” reads the government project to which LaSexta had access.

The question of university students is not trivial and some autonomous communities are already making their own projects for the vacation home of their young people. This is the case in the Canary Islands, where the government and island councils will take care of the PCR of those returning to the islands.

The Ministries of Health and Transport of the Canarian Executive are working on concluding agreements with laboratories located at national level in order to carry out tests at the source. “The tests will be done on all residents, not just students,” said health official Blas Trujillo. Although students are the largest group and, in principle, it is planned to do them in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Vigo and Bilbao, but they can be extended to other places.

PCR tests will be done at the source, although if someone arrives without being tested, an antigen test will be studied once in the archipelago, the adviser explained.

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