Howard Gardner, Kiran Bir Sethi and Rafael Nadal star in the fourth edition of the Enlighted forum

The fourth edition of the Enlighted forum will bring together 150 world experts in education and technology. The next 19, 20 and 21 October professionals like Vinton Cerf, considered one of the fathers of the internet; Howard Gardner, a Harvard University professor known for his theory of multiple intelligences; Kiran Bir Sethi, founder of Design for Change and The Riverside School in India; tennis player Rafael Nadal or Linda Liukas, founder of Rails Girls, a programming movement for teenagers and girls, will participate in workshops, conferences and talks that will combine the face-to-face format with the virtual one. Registration is free at

The great educational gaps in innovation, skills and digital will be featured in this forum, promoted by Fundación Telefónica, IE University and South Summit. In the three days of Enlighted there will be 47 round tables and discussions, in addition to 25 participatory workshops, which can be follow in Spanish, Portuguese and English. They are not only aimed at the educational community, but also at all citizens or companies that have an interest in the use of technology as a means of innovation and improvement of training and learning.

During the presentation of the forum, which took place this Thursday in Madrid, Carmen Morenés, general director of Fundación Telefónica, has emphasized the need to reduce the digital divide by facilitating access to digital tools , but also creating vocations in boys and girls, or bringing together public and private projects that pursue the same goal. All of them are issues that will be addressed throughout these days. “We have to make sure that technology becomes a force for positive change that allows us to achieve meaningful social relationships,” Morenés has expressed.

Along with experts such as Michelle Weise, author of Long Life Learning and one of the members of the Thinkers list 50 of 2021; José María Álvarez – Pallete, president of Telefónica; Hadi Partovi, founder of; lli-Pekka Heinonen, former Minister of Education of Finland and current Director General of the International Baccalaureate Organization; o Wendy Kopp, founder of Tech for All, will also be representatives of national and international educational institutions such as María Brown, Minister of Education of Ecuador; Milton Ribeiro, Minister of Education of Brazil; and Pilar Alegría, Minister of Education of Spain; accompanied by the presidents of the promoting organizations: María Benjumea, founder and CEO of South Summit; and Santiago Iñiguez, president of IE University.

The latter commented in the presentation ceremony that “the phenomenon of micro-credentials”, with work curricula that prioritize continuous training, is a reminder of the speed at which technology moves and, therefore, has underlined the relevance of professional retraining. Iñiguez has pointed out, along with the rest of the participants, Enlighted as a forum where to be inspired and nurtured not only to face the changes but also to lead them.

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