HP collaborates with the association Green Areas to fight against the impact of forest fires in Spain

HP collaborates with the association Green Areas to fight against the impact of forest fires in Spain

As part of HP’s commitment to maintain and preserve the environment and to fight against deforestation in the world, the company has entered into an agreement with the association Green Areas to reforest 40,000 square meters of burnt land in the community of Castilla y Len. . This local project called “Recover your Forest” is part of HP’s ambitious international program “Sustainable Forests”.

And it is that, the data published by the Ministry of Ecological Transition are devastating. So far in 2021, the fire has already calcined in Spain nearly 40,000 hectares of forest area, against more than 21,000 during the same period of 2020 marked by the pandemic, representing more than 5,600 fires. Something unaffordable in which we have to work both in terms of the environment and public awareness to preserve our natural ecosystem.

“Every summer, fires are a plague that ward off the illusions of hundreds of people and scorch thousands of hectares of forest that we need to maintain the natural ecosystem of our planet,” said Helena Herrero, president of the region. South of HP Europe. . “This project is one more step in our commitment to help raise awareness in society, but also our customers, employees and partners, of the importance of conserving and protecting our wooded heritage, of preserving it for future generations and of defending our biodiversity. “.

Reforestation and awareness campaigns

The “Recover your Forest” project designed by the Association Espaces Verts will be the basis for the development of the activity, based on the preparation of the land to be reforested with selective clearing and the opening of holes which will facilitate the planting of more than 2000 trees and shrubs, forest species native to the region. The planting of the specimens will take place between October and November 2021 and will be carried out by members of the Espaces Verts association, as well as volunteers and customers of HP Spain. In addition, HP Spain and the Association of Green Spaces will continue their collaboration by developing awareness campaigns aimed at citizens on the importance of taking care of our ecosystems for future generations.

“Fires, in addition to constituting serious environmental damage which destroys ecosystems accelerating desertification, water scarcity and land sterility, from which we already suffer in many places on the planet including our country, cause serious material damage to populations. in the not too distant future, this will result in climatic migrations which will soon affect the economic and social organization of societies, as we know them now, ”explained Ral Merino, general manager of the association Espaces Verdes. This is why it is so important that companies like HP get involved so directly to stop the tragedy of deforestation plaguing the planet. “

A sustainable future for a positive company

Faced with the threat that nearly 50% of the world’s forests will be affected by deforestation and forest degradation (according to Global Forest Watch, the tropics lost more than 29 million hectares of tree cover in 2019 alone, this which is equivalent to nearly 30 football fields with trees per minute). In this sense, HP has understood this and has been managing its printing business in a sustainable manner for some time. In 2016, the company set itself a zero deforestation target which was set in 2016 for the production of HP branded paper, as well as for the paper packaging of its products.

In November 2019, the company launched the international initiative “Sustainable Forests” which supports its strategy to create a positive forest future for its printing business, setting itself the challenge of planting 1 billion trees worldwide. ‘ten years from now. The main objectives of this program are: responsible sourcing of sustainable fibers through rigorous supply chain management; scientific objectives to analyze the benefits of forest restoration and management; the protection and responsible management of forests; working with industry, using collective influence to inspire positive forestry action; and innovation in printing technologies that reduce paper waste and improve the efficiency of its consumption.

The decade of ecological recovery

“The United Nations has declared the next ten years as the ‘decade of ecological restoration’ and urges people and institutions to halt the loss of biodiversity and thereby fulfill the environmental commitments of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda, “he said. . “From HP, we will continue to support initiatives aimed at ensuring that the impression left by our consumers is positive for the natural ecosystem of the entire planet.”

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