HP employees to fund six social projects on their 2021 solidarity day

HP employees to fund six social projects on their 2021 solidarity day

HP Spain is celebrating a new edition, the second in virtual format, of its most united initiative. About 100 employee volunteers from the different centers that HP has in Spain (Barcelona, ​​Len and Madrid) will be in charge of managing and organizing all the activities of the 16th edition of HP Charity Journey 2021 so that all employees of the company participate. at the event. This new edition will begin in June and will last until early October 2021, when the amount collected will be announced. After more than fifteen years of celebrating this event, the company has already raised more than half a million euros to finance dozens of social projects around the world.

In this edition, HP employees presented a total of 29 projects, thanks to the Social Entities Fair, a day organized last March during which more than 20 projects were presented, some of which ended up being sponsored by employees. The six entities that were finally selected to receive the funds raised by HP employees during the HP Charity Journey 2021 are: the ADAVAS association, Fundacin Colores de Calcutta, Fundaci La Nineta dels Ulls, Fundaci Viver de Bell-lloc, Nukoko Ghana and the AECC association.

The mission of the ADAVAS association is to support victims of violence or sexual abuse by providing them with the free information and assistance they need. HP employees have decided to donate part of the money raised to the initiative so that they can carry out activities for the prevention of sexual violence and partner abuse among young people and adolescents, and social change through awareness, prevention and reporting of situations of violence with gender inequalities.

The Colors of Calcutta Foundation is an NGO committed to human rights and the development of people and communities in situations of vulnerability, exclusion and poverty. Its objective is to work for human rights and for human and sustainable development. The money raised by HP goes to the health care project in Pilkhana (India), where more than 400,000 people live in situations of extreme poverty and exclusion.

Fundaci La Nineta dels Ulls is an entity that supports research into retinoblastoma, the most common eye cancer in boys and girls under 3 years old. Every year 8,000 cases of this disease are diagnosed worldwide, of which 3,000 of these children do not survive because they are in developing countries. The objective of the foundation is to help research and knowledge of the disease and its treatments, to be able to modify these data and improve the detection, treatment and quality of life of people with retinoblastoma. With the money, a mobile application was designed for the premature diagnosis of retinoblastoma.

The Fundaci Viver de Bell-lloc is a group of non-profit organizations which collaborates with public and private administrations and institutions, and which, on the basis of their values ​​of solidarity, commitment and professionalism, achieve their mission. Its objective is to promote personal growth and social and professional inclusion of people at risk of exclusion, in particular those with intellectual disabilities or severe mental disorders, by developing and participating in sustainable business and social projects. In this case, the chosen project was a program in which young people will be able to undergo training that will prepare them to enter the labor market, thanks to equipment and tools that simulate real jobs. In addition, there will be support in your search in the world of work.

Nukoko Ghana is a non-profit organization based on a sustainable development project in a rural village in Ghana. Nukoko started summer 2018 in Ghana with two girls from Barcelona. The aim is to do their part so that one of the towns of Volta Regin, Aklobotonu, located in the poorest and most forgotten area of ​​the country, has a better quality of life. With the money raised, they will build a classroom with computers so that young people and adults have access to technology and information.

Finally, the AECC association is a non-profit association made up of patients, families, volunteers, collaborators and professionals which aims to educate in health, support and support people with cancer and their families, and fund research projects. which will allow a better diagnosis. and cancer treatment. In this case, the chosen project was a program in which 20 children with cancer can benefit from different care throughout their illness, such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy, professional social assistance to families, and related expenses. drugs and health products, and psychological. assistance

More than fifteen years of solidarity

This initiative, organized by HP employees, has consolidated over the years as the benchmark activity for corporate volunteering in the company, both in Spain and around the world. The objective is to raise funds to support projects of non-profit entities, through the organization of recreational, cultural and awareness-raising activities.

Normally, Solidarity Day celebrates its activities in person, with an open house for employees and their families. This year, like the previous one, the activities have been adapted to the virtual format, but with the same spirit of solidarity as the previous editions.

In the 16th edition, the activities of the HP Charity Journey 2021 are aimed at children as well as young people and adults: for the little ones, activities related to the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), various educational tours and interactive activities by HP facilities, a showcase of technology that uses HP and virtual leisure activities aimed at all audiences.

The amount raised by HP employees through the HP Charity Journey 2021 will be matched by HP and will be known once all activities have taken place.

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