HP introduces new monitors focused on our eyes

HP announced, in addition to its Elite Folio, three new M-Series monitors at CES 2021. The new monitors, the M24f, M27f and M32f, feature borderless designs on three sides and are designed with the environment. eye safety. All three new M-Series monitors are expected to be available in March 2021 with a starting price of $ 139.

HP wants to take care of our eyes with its new monitors

All three monitors are FHD and feature many of the same specifications, including a 75Hz response speed and 100% color accuracy in the sRGB color gamut. Size is the biggest difference between the monitors although there are a few other variations such as the M32f having a 7ms response time versus the 5ms response time of the M24f and M27f.

Each monitor has low blue light technology which does not affect color accuracy. They also all have Eyesafe certification. HP points out that these are the first Eyesafe-certified monitors made from recycled plastics recovered from the ocean. Each monitor is made from 85% recycled plastic and 100% recycled packaging.

An excellent bet not only for our health but also to reduce the consumption of plastics and help clean the oceans. We hope this new range of monitors will be successful in recovering a piece of the planet.

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