Huawei joins Inspiring Girls to promote STEM careers to women

Huawei joins Inspiring Girls to promote STEM careers to women

Huawei and the Inspiring Girls Foundation, which works to increase girls’ self-esteem and ambition and improve their professional expectations, signed a collaboration agreement to promote STEM careers among women and empower girls in the future. .

With this initiative, Huawei shows its firm commitment to work on gender equality, especially in the technological field. To do this, in collaboration with Inspiring Girls, develop different projects to bring technology closer to girls and improve their digital skills. The first is the “Robotic Girls” workshop which takes place in the city of Cdiz from June 15 to 16 for girls aged 10 to 12, at the University of Cdiz (UCA). The activity was organized in compliance with COVID regulations.

Over two days, girls will learn hands-on and interactively how to build and program a robot, while teamwork is encouraged, attractions of STEM careers are shown, and stereotypes are shattered that technology is not. for the girls. In addition, all the material used will be donated to the University of Cdiz to continue to contribute to the contribution of technology in the classrooms.

The second project concerns the “Huawei Inspiring Girls Club”, with which the participants – at least 100 girls from 3 different cities in Spain – will have an online learning platform that will allow them to learn and connect. familiarize yourself with different technological tools in areas as important as digital design, web and application programming or digital marketing.

Finally, a “Back to School” volunteering project will also be carried out, in which Huawei workers will join to participate as volunteers in Inspiring Girls Foundation projects in order to show the importance of digital capacities and to emphasize that the technology is not a question of gender.

For Mara Luisa Melo, General Manager of Public Affairs, Communication and CSR of Huawei Spain, “this alliance with Inspiring Girls is a natural step in our corporate social responsibility strategy which marks the importance we attach to training and sustainability. Since the start of our journey in Spain, we have opted for education and digital inclusion as levers of our social contribution. The collaboration with Inspiring Girls will allow us to continue to promote digital skills in girls, while getting the message out to young people that they believe in themselves and leave no obstacle to their goals ”.

“Huawei has a particular interest in supporting equal opportunities, balance and diversity in the world of work, especially in the STEM professions. And, in fact, among its goals is supporting women, education and children, which are aligned with the goals of Inspiring Girls, ”says Marta Prez Dorao, President of Inspiring Girls.

Bet on digital education and equality

The agreement with the Inspiring Girls Foundation reaffirms Huawei’s commitment to equality and digital education. In this sense, the company has developed multiple initiatives of this type within the framework of its strategy “Creating opportunities through education”, among which the training scholarship program “The future of ICT” should be highlighted. , which aims to improve employment opportunities for 50 computer science and telecommunications students by training talents in the field of information technology. This year’s edition will run July 19-26. The deadline to apply for the scholarships ends on the 1st of the following month.

Huawei also participates in projects such as School Equality Day or WomenNow Reset, among others, which highlight the need to promote female leadership. Likewise, last December, the Huawei Student Developers came to an end, a program related to training in new technologies and employment, in which 180 students were able to meet and work by creating innovative applications in a technological environment of point. Another pioneering initiative is the Smartbus project, launched by Huawei in 2012 and which combines education and new technologies to promote their safe and responsible use among young people aged 10 to 13.

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