Hubble Telescope Viral Star Photo: Hubble Explosion in Star Viral Image: Hubble Photo of Explosion in Star

Scientists shared a photo of a star taken with the help of the Hubble Space Telescope, which has a terrible explosion. A 5-year-old shell (nebula) has been depicted around this star named AG Carinae, which is formed by the material coming out of it. This explosion occurred thousands of years ago in this star. Hydrogen and nitrogen gas are shown in red and dust in blue in the new image. Hubble captures it in visible and ultraviolet lights.

Explosions occur
This star is classified under the category of bright blue variable stars, which has two modes. In one they remain calm and in the second there are many explosions. During one of these eruptions, they become much brighter. According to scientists, AG Carinae was brighter than our sun during this eruption. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), these explosions are holding the star back.

Image Credit: ESA Hubble Digitized Sky Survey 2 Acknowledgments Davide De Martin

This is how the balance is made
The force of gravity inside a star and the pressure of radiation outside are equal, but there is a difference in the unstable star. In AG Carinae, due to the pressure exerted by it, it propagates along the explosion in material space and succeeds in creating the balance of the stars.

how long to do?
However, giant stars can only explode this way for a limited time and then run out of fuel. Scientists believe that the mass of this star is 70 times that of our sun and that it can last for 50 to 6 million years. Such stars are quite rare, and only a few dozen such stars have been found in our galaxy and other neighboring galaxies.

NASA released video of the star exploding, 5 billion times brighter than the sun seen

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