Huge size butterfly of a human hand is spotted at Camp Mountain Brisbane Australia

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A huge worm has been spotted in the city of Brisbane, Australia. This giant worm is equivalent to a human hand claw, in the Camp Mountain area of ​​the city of Brisbane, the insect was found in Brisbane.
You may have seen very small insects in forests and homes before, but a huge worm has been seen in the city of Brisbane, Australia. The size of a worm can be measured by the fact that it is equal to the claws of a human hand. The worm was spotted by a family visiting the Camp Mountain area of ​​the city of Brisbane and they posted a photo of it on Facebook.

The worm was sitting on a tree and the family got scared once when they saw it. When this family tried to measure it, the insect remained equal to the fist of the adult man, while it was bigger than the claw of the child. After this photo was posted on social media, a person observing the bugs commented, “ Wow, this is amazing. Another user wrote: “It is so beautiful”.

Many people have raised questions about the insect’s rarity, but this photo is believed to be of the giant woodland butterfly often found off the coast of Queensland. The wingspan of these insects can be 25 centimeters and 15 centimeters in length. They are brown in appearance and have a deep scar on the chest. During the day, these insects twist their wings. These insects are usually found during the summer months. They are the heaviest insects in the world and weigh up to 30 grams. Large insects are found in large numbers on the east coast of Australia.

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