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Two turtles to meet in Australia’s Reptile Park virus outbreak, kept out Hugo, 70, will meet Estrella The team will travel to Germany, hoping to raise Canberra
The coronavirus pandemic has driven many lovers away from each other. This separation was not only human beings, but animals also had to suffer. The famous Galapagos turtle Hugo is also one of them. Now his long-distance girlfriend Estrella will be taken away by a team from the Seven Seas where the two will ultimately be together. Estrella, 21, will reach Australia Reptile Park from Germany.

Corona made it disappear
Estrella will meet Hugo, 70, after a three-month quarantine in Somersby Park on the central New South Wales coast. The two were due to meet in 2019, but due to Kovid-19, the two were unable to reunite. Estrella is the first Galapagos koucha to come to Australia after almost 40 years. Hugo has been alone for a long time and the team is waiting for a companion for him. The team hopes that if all goes well, the Galapagos turtle population can be increased here.

extinct species
Hugo has been in this park since 1963. In 2019, a giant female Cucha estrela of an extinct species was discovered on Fernandina Island in the Galapagos. Environmentalists were delighted to meet Estrella on an expedition. Researchers at Yale universities have identified it as a species called Chelonoidis phantasticus. This species is believed to have become extinct 100 years ago.

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the population will increase
Estrella will be brought from Rostock Zoo in Germany. The conservation program welcomes this meeting to save this species of giant tortoise. Daniel Rumsey, head of the Australian Reptile Park, says that once Estrella settles into the park and gets used to it, it is hoped that the turtle population will increase over the next five years through breeding.

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