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Talking about Bitcoins isn’t just about convenience and business. Anyone who talks about Bitcoins shows a modern and futuristic outlook on life. Hacking money, removing it from the place as we know it, round, golden, is something completely disruptive, it changes one of the most basic and established habits in the world.

When these things happen, you realize that everything can be changed, that it’s not that hard to rethink the whole system you live in, to constantly ask yourself if what you are doing or should be the way it is. is. The world is hacked and bitcoin is a wonderful example.

Why do we say we feel like HR Bitcoins? Because we are disruptive and we hack into something already established like the job search, or the evaluation of internal teams. We rocked the system by bringing technology and gamification to a system that hadn’t been touched for 40 years.

We are digital, fast, practical and we also have the advantage of novelty. Novelty generates intrigue, motivates, invites you to try. We are going to invest, taking risks is already a good sign that we are alive.

Bitcoin continues to grow, with ups and downs, but it’s still a big business, and the digital economy seems to be consolidating as a new currency, it seemed unthinkable a few years ago and today is. almost natural.

Let’s hack together, rethink, it’s an exercise worth doing. Whatever the outcome, they will already have a head start.

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