Humans kill humans, take cows instead of AK-47s. Mursi is the most feared in the world

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In many corners of the world, there are such tribal species which still follow the thousands of years old tradition. They have all rights to the forests in which these species live and local governments do not interfere with these rights. Some of them are very dangerous. One of them is the dreaded Mursi tribe of Ethiopia. For his people, killing someone is a sign of manhood. Geophysicist Ratnesh Pandey by profession shared experiences and information gained during his time there and told the story of the Mursi tribe living in the valley of Oman in southern Ethiopia and on the border of Ethiopia. Sudan. Ratnesh has worked in Tanzania for 11 years and has gained experience in 35 countries around the world. (Photo: Jimmy Nelson)

Who is Mursi?

The Mursi community has a total population of around 10,000 inhabitants. The people of the Mursi tribe are considered the most dangerous in the world because “Mursi” simply believes that “there is no point in staying alive without killing another and it is better to die alone”. Members of the Mursi tribe have killed hundreds of people who, without their permission, travel to their area and community. In view of this violent tendency of this tribe, the Ethiopian government has forbidden to contact them. Whenever a foreigner or head of state wishes to come to Ethiopia to see the Mursi tribe, the Ethiopian government takes care of the Ethiopian armed guard to visit the tribal area so as not to attack them. Be given.

Special ‘Rishta’ in cows and AK-47

Although cows are very important in the tribal tribes, the people of the Mursi tribe have strange customs. The people of the Mursi tribe buy the old model of AK-47 for 8 to 10 cows, while its new model gives 30 to 40 cows. These weapons are supplied to them by neighboring countries, Sudan and Somalia. The men and women of the Murshi tribe always wear the Klassnikov rifle (AK-47 or AK-56) and rifle bullet belts and when they feel the slightest danger, the rifle is bombed. They celebrate after killing the leader and include the entire Murshi community. Even the Murshi who is murdered by a non-Mursi tribe is encouraged to be called the true man of the Murshi community. In this society, killing a non-Mursi is like celebrating. (PHOTO: AFP / CARL DE SOUZA)

Avoiding dirty eyes … keeping the tradition

The people of this tribe adopt a process of body modification to protect women from the evil eyes. By virtue of this, after reaching the age of 15, the mothers of the girls, as well as other women of the clan, wear a wooden or clay disc in the lower lip of their daughters. Then after a few months, a disc 12 cm in diameter is stuck, which remains in his lips all his life. This practice arose because in ancient times men were enslaved and forced to work as laborers and women became sex slaves. These women made themselves ugly to avoid people’s dirty eyes. For this, their oral teeth were also broken. Due to the trim, their lips were quite hanging down which reduced their beauty. The Mursi tribes have made these methods their tradition to avoid slavery. After marriage, these women tie the strap around their necks. (PHOTO: AFP / CARL DE SOUZA)

Bloody fight for marriage

The Mursi tribe lives with its community on a total area of ​​about 2,000 square kilometers and strictly guard its borders. These ruthlessly prevent foreigners from coming to their borders, Mursi men and women with spears or Kalashnikovs can be seen in the deserted street. The Mursi tribe is considered to be one of the wealthiest tribes in the region. Here, depending on who has cows, the scale of their wealth is decided. Every important social ritual in the Mursi tribe takes place with the help of cattle. To marry the girl, the groom’s family pays the father of the bride as a dowry – usually 20-40 cows and a Kalashnikov rifle are offered to the father of the girl. This tradition is characteristic of all Omo tribes. That is why the birthright daughters are considered a good guarantee of the well-being of the family here. The young people of the Mursi tribe organize a bloody game to get the girl in which the more violently the youth overcomes their young rival face to face, the more superior and courageous Mursi is and the girl’s marriage to him. Is done. (PHOTO: AFP / Aaron Maasho)

How is Mursi company

In the Mursi tribe, women work hard – they are responsible for building houses, looking after children, preparing food and carrying water from a nearby spring or from the bottom of a river. The Mursi men graze the cows and guard the village. In the event of tribal conflicts, village security is also in the hands of men. At the same time, young girls help mothers organize their lives and boys learn to use guns. Mursi’s main food is dry porridge made from grated corn or sorbet. Sometimes animal milk and blood are added to it, fresh taken directly from the wound on the cow’s neck (the animal does not kill at the same time), or already collected and stored in the hold. Mursi meat is practically not eaten, it is eaten only on public holidays. Traditional Mursi dresses are still in goatskin, Mursi women can still be seen wearing leather clothing. However, now Mursi and the women are learning to use cotton clothes, bought in local markets. Mursi men tie colorful clothes around their hips. (PHOTO: AFP / CARL DE SOUZA)

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