Hundreds of Ceutíes demonstrate against Abascal shouting “I am Spanish, Spanish, Spanish”

Publication: Monday May 24, 2021 9:23 PM

Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, was forbidden by the courts to hold a ceremony organized in Ceuta. And despite this, from Vox they insisted during the day to launch a call for mobilization, maintaining their call at 8 p.m. in the Plaza de los Reyes with the intervention of the president of the party.

At that time they had a press conference scheduled and from their social media they encouraged their followers to come out. “Neither the government, nor its collaborators, nor the fifth columnists of Mohamed VI will prevent us from going out to defend our borders,” the party said on its Twitter profile.

But ultimately, and despite the party resorting to the car, the far-right leader was forced to cancel his meeting in what Abascal himself called a “direct attack on the freedoms of the Spaniards in Ceuta. “.

“This prevents our protest and at the same time allows 350 fans (shouting President Sánchez and Allahu akbar) to boycott our press release.” With this statement, Santiago Abascal referred to the hundreds of Ceuta who gathered in this same square to show their rejection of their presence in the autonomous city and their anger against the leader of the far right.

Many of them are Muslims and accuse the leader of VOX of doubting their Spanish character. For this reason, they protested in front of the gates of the Parador in which the politician was standing and, among other slogans, they could hear: “I am Spanish, Spanish, Spanish”.

The act was banned by the government delegation in Ceuta based on reports from the National Police and Civil Guard which warned of possible security risks. This Monday, the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the TSJA provided legal support to the decision of the Government Delegation.

However, Abascal, who had already traveled to Ceuta during the mass arrival of swimming migrants, returned today to go there with the intention of organizing a rally which could not have had location.

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