Hundreds of people crowd Calle Larios in Malaga to see the Christmas lights come on

Publication: Friday November 27, 2020 10:51 PM

Malaga does not seem to have started Christmas on the right foot in a context marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to wreak real havoc in our country, and in particular in Andalusia. The reason is that the lighting of the lights of the main avenue of the capital, Calle Larios, caused hundreds of people to gather at that time to enjoy the event.

If, according to Diario Sur, the town hall did not wish to conduct an official inauguration or inform the time of the lighting to avoid the crowds, the result was contrary to what was expected. In the footage, you can see how a large mass of people stood still to see the lights, leading to a significant risk of an increase in the number of infections that could arise in the city in the coming weeks.

At 5:30 p.m., Larios’s lights came on as a Christmas carol played through the installed speakers. An hour during which a large number of people circulated on the main roads of the city. This event caused outrage not only in social networks; also, among the people of Malaga who did not believe in the remarkable gathering of people who attended the event.

“In Larios Street in Malaga, hundreds of people come to see the Christmas lights that their city council has placed. But then, for Christmas dinner, only families of 6 members can dine. Why is the city council not applying the measures to Larios? Some Twitter users asked. But this is not the only criticism voiced on the Internet.

“I cannot leave the municipality but the inhabitants of Malaga in the capital will see the lights of Larios street … despite the lighting, I have never seen so few lights”, asked another. Twitter user seeing the photos of the large concentration of people at the time of ignition. For the moment, the city of Malaga has not made any statement regarding these images.

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