Hundreds of people protest in Barcelona to demand independent government

Publication: Sunday February 28, 2021 1:47 PM

Hundreds of people summoned by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) gathered in the center of Barcelona to demand that the political parties translate the results of the Catalan elections of the 14F into the constitution of an independent government.

Under the slogan “We are now 52%”, alluding to the result of the sovereign vote in the elections, the ANC called for a concentration in Plaza de Cataluña to demand a “government of independence now” capable of handling the “emergency. social and national “.

The demonstration began with cries of “Puigdemont, our president!”, “Independence!” and “1-O, neither forget nor forgive!”, “star” flags and banners calling for an end to “repression” and for the freedom of the independence leaders imprisoned by the lawsuits.

The kick-off was given by several members of sovereign entities who, from a stage in the center of the square, urged ERC, JxCat and the CUP to have a “sense of state” and to “work for form a strong independent executive “because, as they said, only a” government of national concentration “will be able to overcome the crisis and” advance “towards the independence of Catalonia.

The act aims to echo the manifesto that the ANC has published these days, precisely to demand that these formations “put the interests of the country before those of the party” to form a pro-independence government and “to face the continuous attacks of the Spanish state on all fronts: judicial, political, financial and the reduction of civil and social rights “.

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