Hunter Biden with a prostitute: Hunter Biden accidentally paid a Russian prostitute $ 25,000 after overnight on an account linked to her father Joe Biden: Hunter Biden paid a Russian prostitute $ 25,000 from a bank account belonging to his Father Joe Biden

Another story of his colorful nights was revealed by the MacBook Pro of US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. The New York Post decoded Hunter’s MacBook and discovered he had booked himself a prostitute in 2017 on a site called Emerald Fantasy Girls. The name of this Russian prostitute with green eyes was Yanna. The report claimed that the accounts Hunter paid prostitutes for this fantasy could be linked to Joe Biden. However, this claim has not been officially confirmed.

I chatted with a prostitute named Robert
In a text message to this prostitute, Hunter Biden wrote: “Hello, my name is Rob. I live in Chateau Marmont. ‘Are you available now?’ Hunter had this conversation on May 7, 2018 by mentioning the first word of his name, Robert. According to the post, while staying at this hotel, the two had sex, drank vodka, and shot porn clips while at the same time. smoking.

Colorful chocolates decorated on the penis
Hunter Biden even adorned a whole range of chocolates in the shape of multi-colored M & Ms buttons on his penis during this time. All of this information was retrieved from Hunter’s MacBook. Hotel bills show Hunter moved into a room at Jeremy’s in West Hollywood later in the month for $ 470 a night. At this hotel, too, Hunter had called a prostitute under the supervision of two recently retired Secret Service agents.

Joe Biden’s son spent millions of rupees on prostitutes and drugs, secret of debauchery revealed from laptop
Referring to the call of another prostitute in the laptop
The New York Post report also claimed that Joe Biden may have been inadvertently involved in paying these prostitutes based on messages recorded on the laptop. On the morning of May 24, Hunter called another female escort named Gulnora. This woman also worked as a prostitute for Emerald Fantasy Girls. This prostitute was transferred in cash by Hunter Biden of the US digital payment app Zelle.

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$ 25,000 paid in 1 hour
According to laptop receipts seen by the New York Post, the first $ 8,000 was sent from his account at 10:22 a.m. Then another payment of $ 2,000 was made from another account at 10:50 am At 10:59 am, another payment of $ 3,500 was made. This was followed by a payment of $ 8,000 at 11 am and $ 3,500 at 11:03 am In total, approximately $ 25,000 was transferred within an hour.

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