Hybrid spaces create new business opportunities for hotels

The Covid19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of hotels, initiated a few years ago, which adds to the traditional concept of accommodation, leisure and rest places that of multipurpose spaces in which to work and collaborate, taking advantage of common spaces to create coworking spaces.

In addition to the concept of the hotel, there is now that of an ideal workplace. Meeting and event rooms are common in hotels, the novelty is hybrid spaces. Spaces that merge different uses and that can be easily configured to meet multiple requirements and diverse needs and, above all, remote work.

“At Actiu, we want to enrich the use of hotels, both in terms of leisure and work. We spend many hours in common areas and the goal is to invest all that time. It is about reinventing these spaces, providing them with design, functionality and safety, making them more user-friendly and integrating new uses ”, explains Soledat Berbegal, director of Actiu and director of brand awareness.

Hybrid spaces everywhere

According to a study carried out by Actiu on the use and potential of hybrid spaces, respondents stressed that the environments that will be key in the future will be offices with new uses with 65.6%, followed by 51.2 % of coworkings, hotels with 39.5%, cafes and restaurants with 36.2%, transport terminals with 20.4% and stores or shopping centers with 6.9%.

Hotels prepared for the return of the public

Given the proximity of the holidays and the high season of the hotel industry, and after more than a year of difficulties, hotels must provide a series of connectivity services to their users, which allow them to hold a videoconference, supervise a project, to answer questions. e-mails or write a report, and offer specific spaces that ensure privacy, comfort and well-being, with design and furnishings that make your work easier.

“Remote work will also change lifestyles because more and more people will combine leisure and work together”, explains Soledat Berbegal. “For this reason, hotels become the perfect places to disconnect, but also to work and collaborate and companies must come up with solutions for this, generating new opportunities for hotels.”

Versatile and comfortable furniture

To meet these new needs, Actiu has a wide variety of versatile products, with user-friendly and transversal aesthetics, which stand out for their comfort and ergonomic design. These qualities allow them to fit into all types of collective spaces and, at the same time, offer the same services and comfort as professional designer furniture. The Tabula and Colectiva tables, the Bend soft seating collection, and the Noom 50 and Wing chairs are an example of the versatility hotels need.

A charming hybrid hotel

An example of an establishment that has assimilated the new mentality of customers and their new needs is the Casa de Mareas. A house of seven suites rented with a minimum of four for exclusive use, which seeks the physical, mental and emotional well-being of its visitors. Located in Escalante (Cantabria), it advocates a coliving format design to optimize community life, whether shared between friends, family or work colleagues, to which it has added, in turn, the principle of coworking, thanks to to a new shared work area, which has been equipped with the Actiu product. Concretely, with operational solutions such as the Talent mobile and folding tables and the eFit professional chair.

In the rehabilitation of this 16th century rural house, all original materials have been retained and design trends have been incorporated applying the principles of Neuro Architecture. The goal of the space is to provide physical and mental well-being, like that also promoted by Actiu, whose head office was the first industrial building in the world to jointly add the Leed and Well Platino certifications, which accredit as a healthy and sustainable space. .

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