“I am loyal not only to the PP, but to my president”

Posted: Monday June 21 2021 11:11 AM

The president of the Community of Madrid Isabel Díaz Ayuso tried to put aside the controversies over the leadership of Pablo Casado in the PP. In his first interview after his inauguration on Saturday, Ayuso was energetic. “I am loyal not only to the PP but to my president (in reference to Pablo Casado), to the person who trusted me.” So, he insists that it was Casado “who trusted me. It’s not just a question of loyalty, it’s that I believe in him”.

Coming out of the latest controversies linked to his electoral success in Madrid or the most recent, the “involvement” of King Felipe VI by the Madrid president in the pardon affair, Ayuso shed light on both personal and political achievements of Pablo Casado. “A courageous and principled person,” Ayuso said, also stressing that in difficult personal times he bet on his family. And politically, “I saw him unify a party, face a congress which was very difficult,” he explains.

Some principles and a sense of duty that also applies to herself. “Madrid’s responsibility is too important to claim, two years after his arrival, to mislead me with anything else”, sentence.

Precisely about his work in Madrid and his inauguration, the absence of members of the government in the act hit the headlines this weekend. Moncloa assured that they had not received any invitations “through the usual channels” to attend and later sources from the Madrid Community presidency in LaSexta admitted the error “of little importance, but it is still a serious mistake “.

Something Ayuso also tried to downplay. Thus, the president of Madrid emphasizes that there was the “delegate of the government, the presidents of the regions and the spokespersons of the other groups”. And she is “particularly proud” of the presence of leaders like Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, Juan Manuel Moreno or Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. Married too.

Forgiveness and the “end” of sanchismo

A Pablo Casado that he wants to see in Moncloa “with the alliances that are needed”. And for what it predicts, with the graces to the prisoners of the process, the end of the sanchismo. “People will never forgive him,” Ayuso says. “Many things can be endured but this humiliation towards all of Spain, the King, the institutions, the Justice, Catalan society … is not supported.” This “betrayal will not be forgiven, I do not know where Sánchez is going with these partners”, he insists.

The president of Madrid believes that “the next thing after the pardons is to continue to seek this dream independence to lead Catalonia to a banana republic”. According to him, the government should have taken advantage of “all the powers of the state to stop them”, but the separatists had their “collusion” and “necessary and loyal cooperation”.

The newly re-elected regional president also underlined that “Spain will continue to be justified” and to defend the king and the Constitution because “Madrid is Spain, it is the territory of all the citizens of the country, and we, the governors , we have the obligation not to transform as is done illegally and fraudulently in Catalonia ”.

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