“I am mayor with an investiture pact with Vox and nothing has happened”

Updated: Monday, April 26, 2021 12:22 PM

Published on: 04/26/2021 12:21

The Popular Party does not consider the cordon sanitaire in Vox. The national spokesperson of the party and mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, was clearer than the president of the Community and on the question of whether the PP will participate in this cordon sanitaire proposed by Ángel Gabilondo, he replied. “We are not considering this.” and he mentioned that he was asked why the PSOE believes that “it is better to agree with Bildu than with Vox”.

“I am mayor with a investiture pact with Vox and nothing has happened. Do not be afraid. This is not fascism or democracy, it is ‘sanchism’ or Madrid,” a he pointed out. He abounded in this assurance that “people don’t run in the streets in horror because Vox is there; it’s not like that.”

Although the People’s Party aspires to govern alone, it has launched this proposal to the left parties: “Let them abstain from the nomination (of Díaz Ayuso) if they are so terrified of Vox.” “We want a large majority,” he said anyway.

Regarding the death threats received by Iglesias, Marlaska and the director of the Civil Guard, he stressed: “The credibility that I give to the bullets is that determined by the security forces and the bodies”, at the same time that he has showed his “firm and absolute condemnation”, to be added below: “I would now like Iglesias to condemn the events carried out by Alberto Rodríguez (accused of unrest)“ or the events for which Pablo Hasél was condemned. ”“ Total condemnation. and absolute of sending bullets, but I will not accept the hypocrisy of Iglesias “.

He also referred to the statements of the Minister of the Interior, when he described the PP as a “criminal organization”: “Marlaska wanted to exorcise his past and declared that those of us who appoint them (as member of the CGPJ) are a criminal organization “.

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