“I am not a political activist, I am a democrat”

Publication: Friday, April 23, 2021 11:59

A moment of tension between the candidate Vox and the journalist Àngels Barceló, whom Rocío Monasterio accused of behaving like an activist “by grabbing Pablo Iglesias by the hand”. The debate moderator tried to prevent the United Podemos candidate from leaving the SER study after Monasterio questioned the death threats Iglesias received.

Thus, Barceló reminded Monasterio that the debate was not a “spectacle” but “an electoral debate between democrats” and asked him for respect. One thing Monasterio responded to by referring to the moderator holding Pablo Iglesias by the arm, as he was about to leave the radio.

“I am not a political activist, I am a Democrat,” the veteran journalist responded vehemently.

Monasterio was also criticized by the rest of the candidates present in the debate.

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