“I am ready to preside over Catalonia”

Updated: Wednesday, December 30, 2020 6:40 PM

Published on: 12/30/2020 6:12 PM

“I am ready, here I am. I am ready to preside over Catalonia. I accept the candidacy, I take it as an act of service, I am ready to help wherever I can to be more useful.” This is how Salvador Illa spoke on Wednesday when he agreed to be the CPS candidate for the February 14 elections.

The still Minister of Health spoke thus after Miquel Iceta withdrew and proposed Illa as the candidate of the Catalan socialists. A confidence that he thanked him at the beginning of his speech, calling him “a constant reference of Catalan and Spanish socialism” and “the best first secretary you can have”.

In a speech given alternately in Catalan and Spanish, Illa introduced herself as “an official”. “I have always tried to be where I could be of help, where I could help solve problems.” “My colleagues tell me that I can be useful in resolving the situation in Catalonia, and if my colleagues ask me, the only thing I can say to them is two words: I am ready.”

“Catalonia is at a crucial point; it can choose one of these two paths: that of fear or trust, fear or hope, confrontation or reunion”, continued the leader. socialist, who acknowledged that there are still “threats to us after COVID” and “obstacles in the way”. “What we have in front of us is anything but easy, but the Catalonia that we were has never disappeared,” he said.

“There will be those who will take the opportunity to magnify it and discourage us, to instill pessimism and fear in society, the fear of the virus, of the economy, of reunion. What if all the problems we have were not enough , ghostly conspiracies and imaginary problems will be invented and they will draw up an apocalyptic panorama to demoralize the population ”, warned Illa, in the same vein as Pedro Sánchez already spoke yesterday during the assessment of last year.

“They will tell us that we cannot. They will tell us that the result is already known, they will tell us that it is not necessary to vote because we will not win. They want us to believe that the way to the hope and confidence will not win, “he insisted.

“We have hope and confidence and we know with humility that no progress is built on fear. All collective progress, all that we have achieved in Catalonia, is based on confidence and hope”, said he added: “With confidence, we have regained freedom and got rid of the dictatorship, we have recovered the Generalitat, we hope that we have entered Europe”, he declared.

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