“I am Toulouse for life” announced Manu Koné, who will soon be leaving the club – ScoopCube

The essentials The midfielder would have liked to have promoted the club to Ligue 1 before playing in the German premier league after Mönchengladbach. But despite the 1-0 win in Nantes on Sunday evening, which was defeated 2-1 at home in the first leg, the Toulouse remain in Ligue 2 for at least one more season.

How do you feel after this match? Disappointed, of course. We know we’ve had a great adventure, we’ve come a long way. After we started the season badly, we ended it well. I am very proud of the group. Today we are disappointed, but I still feel confident and know that we can do better next year. We felt you were very worried until the end, especially the young people; …

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