“I am up to the task, my father has been locked up for years and he cannot leave the house”

Publication: Monday April 5, 2021 20:24

Luis Bárcenas takes advantage of his first prison leave to leave Soto del Real prison for six days. This is the first time he has been released from prison since entering in May 2018 to serve a 29-year sentence for his involvement in the “ Gürtel affair ”.

His son Guillermo, better known as Willy Bárcenas, was seen leaving his home and angrily went to the press. “I live up to the fact that he’s been locked up for three years, get out and can’t leave the house because you get dizzy and dizzy here,” he said visibly annoyed by the media.

The journalists were at the door of the building awaiting a possible departure of Luis Bárcenas. When they saw Willy leave, the media approached to ask how his father was doing, who enjoys family time these days. But the response from the “Stool” singer was somewhat unpleasant.

On a second occasion, Bárcenas’ son refused to make a statement and got on a motorcycle without saying a word.

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