“I can’t be more anxious for this to happen, it’s a lead”

Publication: Sunday, May 2, 2021 1:18 PM

An open microphone captured a tired Isabel Díaz Ayuso during the Community of Madrid events on May 2. In an informal conversation with Guillermo Hita, mayor of Arganda del Rey and president of the Federation of Municipalities of Madrid (FMM), Ayuso recognizes the “incredible lead” that something is supposed to him, it is not known whether the elections, the acts for May 2 or the pandemic.

“I can’t be more excited for this to happen because it’s an incredible lead,” Ayuso told Hita. They both enter the royal post office. In these acts, Ayuso called for “harmony” in the face of two common enemies: “virus and ruin”.

“The people, that is to say the Nation, organized the uprising to defend the same cause that today, two centuries later, we continue to defend: Spain and Liberty”, assured Ayuso . In addition, he asserted that “the Community of Madrid has not launched desperately in the search for an exclusive identity to differentiate itself from other regions” but that its identity is “inclusive and inclusive”.

Thus, he pointed out that “this celebration of the parenthesis in the electoral dispute serves, and with the aim that, whatever the result, the discord between Madrid and the Spaniards will not prevail: that the only enemies that we know are the virus and the ruin, and that the rest are disagreements from which the best of us can get out if we do not forget what unites us ”. “I am launching here today, during this feast for all, a call for the renewal of harmony”, he underlined.

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