“I did not bring the virus”

Publication: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 10:20 PM

Mónica García, Más Madrid’s candidate for the next 4M elections, asked Isabel Díaz Ayuso for a “self-criticism”, which she described as “president nini”, when assessing her management of the coronavirus pandemic. “The reality is that the Community of Madrid has carried out the worst data in infections, in intensive care, in deceased, in deceased in residence”.

“I don’t know what we can be proud of,” said García, who stressed that “when we needed trackers, we hired priests; when we needed a toilet, they built a shed without a toilet; when we had to save lives we saved Christmas and when we needed to take care of the elderly you abandoned them. “

Ayuso responded to this harsh criticism by qualifying, “I didn’t bring the virus, I didn’t make it up.” And so he began his rebuke to the central government, stating that COVID-19 “entered through Madrid-Barajas International Airport”.

In addition to going over what Ayuso sees as his milestones when managing the pandemic: IFEMA Hospital, Isabel Zendal Pandemic Hospital, and Basic Health Zone Scans, among others, he has a once again praised the data of its management. “If Madrid compares in an average way with other autonomous communities, it can give these figures, but the mortality in the first wave was not higher than that of the others.”

Ayuso also said his management “surprised many international media outlets:” They are calling us to ask how we have managed to tackle the virus without ending Madrid’s battered economy. “And the More Madrid candidate replied again:” We sacrificed our health to have a supposed economic miracle that we have only seen in the ICUs. “

Vox and PP criticize central government for management

Critics of the management of the pandemic have been divided into two blocks: on the one hand, Vox and PP, accusing the central government, and on the other hand, the left, which has defended that data on the COVID-19 pandemic to Madrid They were one of the “worst” in Spain.

They had the audacity to be in their cabin in Galapagar watching Netflix at 30 deaths per episode “

“Madrid is the first community of cases, of hospitalizations, of patients in intensive care, of the deceased. In Europe, it is one of the cities with the most cases and deaths”, said the leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, in the same vein as Monica Garcia. And these data, he assures, are due to the fact that the government of the Community of Madrid did not think that the pandemic was a “misfortune” but an “opportunity”.

So, Iglesias asked Ayuso a question: “Don’t smile. How many deaths have there been in the Community of Madrid?” After Ayuso’s response, the United candidate Podemos insisted: “Do you think this is serious? Don’t smile, we are talking about the deceased. You just said the Madrid data is enviable, do you think it is? ‘It’s decent to say Is this an airport problem? “

For her part, Vox candidate Rocío Monasterio, like Ayuso, attacked the coalition government of the PSOE and United We Can. “They brought the country to 100,000 dead.” “Han arruinado comercios, empresas, han abandonado enfermos … No dieron ni medicamentos ni batas y tenían la desfachatez de estar en su chalet de Galapagar viendo Netflix a 30 muertos por capítulo”, ha mantenido Monasterio, haciendo una crítica al líder de Unidas Can.

On the other hand, the candidate of the citizens, Edmundo Bal, preferred not to criticize the pandemic: “With the tragedy, throwing us the data makes me sad. I bring proposals, ”he defended. Likewise, socialist Ángel Gabilondo stressed that “the data is bad, there is no need to think about it anymore. We are not celebrating this.”

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