“I didn’t go back to Atapuerca or anything like that”

Publication: Tuesday, April 6, 2021 3:42 PM

Murcia’s Minister of Education and Culture Mabel Campuzano has announced her intention not to receive the coronavirus vaccine. In an interview with “Onda Regional” on Tuesday, the regional MP expelled from Vox argued that she would avoid the sting to be “honest” with herself.

“If I personally think that I am not going to be vaccinated, I cannot say otherwise. I have to be honest with myself; I am not going to defend the vaccine and I am not going to get the vaccine. I do it. don’t say anything about the vaccine, I’m saying I’m not going to get the vaccine, ”he explains.

However, he specifies that if she is convinced “that the result is that after the vaccination, this has really been resolved, the crisis has been saved and that it has no side effects”, she would eventually be vaccinated.

“I am not questioning the vaccines, I am questioning this vaccine. I am not against the evolution of the species and I have not returned to Atapuerca, or anything like that,” Campuzano said in laughing.

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