“I do not accept queer principles”

Publication: Sunday, May 2, 2021 2:34 PM

The first vice-president of the government, Carmen Calvo, refuses to speak of “boys, girls and children”, as does the head of equality, Irene Montero, an inclusive language that has recently drawn criticism from the opposition.

This was underlined in a joint interview with “infoLibre” and “”, when asked whether he would use the term “children”. “No, boys and girls,” said Calvo bluntly, acknowledging that “it is already costing him his life with inclusive language.”

“I do not accept queer principles,” added the socialist leader, who at another point in the interview argued that “gender exists” and that “transgender is because he recognizes gender.”

Asked specifically about the trans law, which generated friction within the executive of the coalition, the vice-president assured that this case “progressed more than it seems” and that she was working on it with the Minister Montero, although she indicated that “surely” there is “a single law with a specific chapter devoted to the rights of trans people” and not a separate law.

In this sense, Calvo defended that, just like “the far right placed”, “the best way to protect the advance of these rights is not to fight many battles, but to give a given good”.

Moreover, he again insisted on the fact that this law must be made “within the framework of the rights recognized in our constitutional system”. “I want to walk on insurance and as I want to walk on insurance, I am talking about normative quality and legal certainty”, defended Calvo.

In this regard, he said he believed in the concept of gender self-determination “and the legal effects it can also have”, but repeated: “I have to move around the spectrum of fundamental rights found in the Constitution “.

Calvo says there will be no crown law

On the other hand, Calvo confirmed that, if it were up to her, “tomorrow” a law would be introduced to abolish prostitution. “If someone continues to think that prostitution is work and not slavery, he is literally attacking the human rights of all women in the world,” said the first vice president in this regard, saying that “l ‘Spain has a particular problem of trafficking and prostitution “.

Moreover, he claimed that he always responds in the same way to those who defend that prostitution is a profession: “If you have children, enroll them in a master’s degree to be a good prostitute or a good prostitute and watch quick you in the eye and say, “no, but not mine”, “asserted.

During the aforementioned interview, Calvo also denied that there would be any Crown law, arguing that it “is already regulated in the Constitution”. However, he argued that they will make “a proposal” that will allow the monarchy to adapt “to the parameters of the ethical demands of a society like ours, which has evolved after 42 years”.

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