“I do not consent to anyone telling me to shut up”

Updated: Thursday, November 26, 2020 12:38 PM

Published on: 11/26/2020 12:35

Former government president Felipe González on Thursday warned Pedro Sánchez’s executive that a “future project” cannot be built in Spain as a “nation-state” with parties like ERC and Bildu, supporters of the “scrapping” of the country. “With supposedly self-destructive rights of self-determination”.

In addition, he confirmed his right to continue giving his opinion and warned that he will not allow anyone to silence him. “For me, they are not valid interlocutors,” he said in an interview with Onda Cero in which he criticized the sealed deal between the government and ERC for budgets, and the support Bildu has already announced that he was going to bring.

According to González, these two parties want to “end Spain” and, therefore, they should not be taken into account when building a medium and long term horizon, but should engage in alliances with the PP and Ciudadanos, as is happening, in his opinion, in Europe.

“It is not progressive to want to break Spain or divide it. It is as much as dividing the Spaniards,” he said, while admitting that he sometimes has “a feeling of orphan” with the current leadership of the PSOE.

“Now there are things that I don’t understand and which I think happen to many of us and that is why this lack of understanding and which worries you and sometimes worries you or this representative orphan feeling”, he deepened.

In addition, he criticized the fact that in his opinion, there are less and less internal debates within the PSOE and the rest of the formations, but he assured that he would continue to give his opinion.

“I do not represent anyone and I do not intend to represent anyone but I will never consent to anyone telling me to shut up, among other things because if someone tells me to shut up by saying that he is a socialist, I know that he is not a socialist, ”he warned. be asked about the response of PSOE Deputy General Secretary Adriana Lastra to criticism from historic party leaders, saying that now is the time of her generation.

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