“I don’t have a stopwatch of what I have accumulated”

Posted: Monday June 14 2021 6:45 PM

“A first contact”. This is how the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, defined his meeting on Monday with Joe Biden at the NATO summit in Brussels, the first between the two leaders since the arrival of the Democratic President at the White House in beginning of the year.

Asked Monday at a press conference about the brevity of his meeting with Biden, which lasted barely about 45 seconds, Sánchez defended that “it’s been a little more” than a few seconds.

“I do not have a stopwatch of how much I have met or not the President of the United States”, quipped the Spanish president, who explained that he had had with his American counterpart “a brief conversation and later a brief walk” . “This is how the NATO services asked us to go to the meeting room,” he said.

However, Sánchez defended that the conversation “came on its own” and revealed that they spoke of “strengthening these military ties” between Spain and the United States. “The position of the Spanish government is to update this bilateral defense agreement,” he added.

In addition, he detailed that they had spoken about the situation in Latin America, after Sánchez’s recent tour in that region. “I expressed my concern about the migration situation and the economic situation in this region following the pandemic,” he said.

The socialist leader also said he congratulated Biden “for the progressive agenda he has set in motion and which returns to the great multilateral consensus, in particular on climate change and the Paris Agreement”.

“It was a first contact,” however said Sánchez, who influenced Biden, “as a progressive leader, who inspired many of us when he won the election.” “The first steps he has taken as president in his administration corroborate and certify this progressive inspiration that he has given to other progressive governments, like the Spanish government,” he added, citing questions of “social policy” or the response to the pandemic. .

“Ultimately, issues that unite us as progressive governments,” summed up Sánchez, who indicated that after this “first contact” the two agreed “to continue to collaborate, work and stay in touch. contact”.

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