“I got into this mess out of loyalty to the party”

laSexta had exclusive access to messages that the former secretary of state for security in the government of Mariano Rajoy, Francisco Martínez, sent to the former president to ask for an explanation of the suspicions that the People’s Party did not. was not included in the electoral lists of 2019, when Rajoy no longer had any positions in the formation.

This was verified by laSexta by accessing exclusively the report of the internal affairs of the national police which includes the discharge of the telephone of Francisco Martínez, imputed by the kitchen.

“Sorry for the daring to write to you, I just wanted to let you know that, as it is, to this day, it looks like I won’t be going on the lists. I’m so sorry to bother you but for a few months, for reasons that you know, I went from being someone precious so that the party separated like a kind of plague “, underlines Martínez, who assures that he does not deserve it after showing his “loyalty and commitment” to training “in very difficult times”: “I think I do not deserve to be left thrown in these conditions”.

The former security secretary, who is under investigation for illegal espionage of Luis Bárcenas, tells Rajoy that no one called him: “I only ask that the party help me right now with some formula whatever. I think you only know it. I have been faithful and I have worked at an enormous personal cost ”, he underlined.

I think you know I have only been faithful and worked at enormous personal cost

In the message, Martínez suggests that both know the reason for their exclusion from the Popular Party, as well as Mariano Rajoy. However, there is no evidence that the former chairman of the executive branch responded.

Conversation with García Egea

A day later, on March 25, 2019, Martínez contacted Teodoro García Egea, who complained that he learned of the PP’s decision from the press. “I have already read the press. The truth is that I thought I knew your decision in another way,” said the Secretary of State for Security, who received the response from the Secretary General: “Paco, I have Read nothing from the press and I don’t know what you mean. Today I will be in the press all day. See if you want. “

Then Martínez confirms his presence and explains the reason for his annoyance: “I was referring to the fact that El Mundo already announces, including in the editorial, that neither Jorge nor I will stand for any candidacy for the Kitchen affair. . He cites sources in Genoa, “he said. .

After that, he reiterates his attachment to the training and suggests that he acted out of loyalty to the party: “As I told you, I can understand it but being thrown out and marked as corrupt by my people makes me feel bad. irreparable damage. I am understanding, loyal and Committed. That is precisely why I got into this mess. For that and nothing else. Out of loyalty to the party, to Jorge Fernández and Rajoy. The same one who would have it. president and you. “

Staying thrown out and marked as corrupted by mine is doing me irreparable damage

The message is not answered, but Martinez still appears in Congress. “I’m already here”, he adds before sending him another message: “If you are not going to be able to receive me, tell me and we will talk on the phone. Or we won’t talk like you want. I understand that you are very busy.

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