“I have never been attached to the post”

Updated: Thursday 01 July 2021 13:28

Published: 07/01/2021 13:16

The municipal crisis of the city hall of Granada ends with the “voluntary resignation” of the mayor Luis Salvador (Citizens). At a press conference, he presented his resignation, specifying that “he has never been attached to the post”. “I enjoyed it a lot, I put the best of myself in every place and also at the town hall,” he told the media.

A month after the government alone after the abandonment of the advisers of the PP, the former mayor – of Ciudadanos – assured that his departure would favor a stable executive.

“We understand that between the two possibilities it can only be with the most voted list. We will favor a stable government”, he added, while insisting on the fact that he had been forced to submit their resignation. “If an option is not clear, he has grudges and resentments, there is only one option. Who would put the PSOE would be the PP and the defectors,” he said.

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