“I haven’t slept for two weeks”

Update: Monday 07 June 2021 12:58

Posted: 06/07/2021 12:57 PM

The mayor of Madrid and national spokesperson for the Popular Party, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, quipped that Vox’s presence at this Sunday’s protest against Pardons does not rob him of sleep, because he worries much more that the president of the government Pedro Sánchez, can sit at table with Oriol Junqueras to attend “a demonstration called by the civil society”.

Before the questions live in Al Rojo Vivo, the chef remarked that “the really disturbing photo is the one we will see with Sánchez and Junqueras at the same table, after forgiveness is predictably granted without repenting and saying I do it again “.

Thus, Almeida insists that “the worst thing is the political recognition of those who have broken coexistence, who have been convicted of very serious crimes, who, as one might expect, will be pardoned”. And not only that, but “a political role is recognized and, consequently, their capacity for decision-making is recognized”.

When asked if he was afraid to take part in a demonstration on Sunday in which Vox is also present, the Madrid adviser quipped and said he had not slept for two weeks thinking he could coincide with the Santiago party. Abascal. “My state of mind is terrible before what is going to happen this Sunday.”

Faced with the question that this demonstration could give air to the president, the national spokesperson of the PP recalled that after the photo of Colón, Sánchez “obtained the worst electoral result obtained by a president of the government, and six months later when he repeated the election to his glory, he even got a worse election result than April. “

Therefore, he continued, “even if only in electoral terms, Pedro Sánchez did not derive any income from this photo of Colón”. In this sense, he assured that what he will benefit politically is to grant pardons, with which “he will be able to artificially extend this mandate with the support of ERC”. Faced with criticism from some members of the Popular Party for attending Sunday’s rally, Almeida assured that he had not received any calls or messages from Genoa asking him not to attend the demonstration.

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