“I hope people will quickly forget about me”

Publication: Monday May 24, 2021 20:27

Fernando Simón has been the health spokesperson for over a year to provide the most recent data on the evolution of the pandemic in our country. His first daily press conference turned into two weekly appearances that continue several months later, to this day. This public exhibition made a dent in the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), who is undoubtedly one of the most visible faces of health since the coronavirus epidemic.

When asked if he had considered ending his work as a spokesperson, now that the vaccination is advancing and the pandemic is on the way down, Simón wasted his sincerity: “I want to end this routine. A lot.” And not for less, because while everyone’s life has changed over the past year, his has changed in particular, from an important position with little public notoriety to a media figure and even a pop icon – remember the t-shirts with his face, that young man who wanted to wear the epidemiologist’s face tattooed on his body, or the memes after choking on an almond moments before one of his numerous press conferences.

For this reason, he believes that returning to normality, to his work, and to stop giving press conferences so assiduously, “will cost him more than the others”. His wish is that “people will quickly forget” about him, although he does so out of gratitude for the kindness of these anonymous people who now stop him in the street, greet him and chat with him.

“I’ll be leaving for as long as they see fit, but it’s true that I want to leave him now.”

Being a famous person has completely changed her routine. “Sometimes I think twice before going out on the street or not, because I end up not doing what I’m going to do to have a lot of fun and with a lot of people,” he confessed, assuring that it is a bit “heavy” to stand in the street with each step he takes.

And after this innocent confidence that, as a relief, Simón shared with the press, recognized that “it is not that difficult and it is not that bad” and insisted that “the important is to focus on controlling the epidemic. ”“ If being here helps that… well, I’ll be there as long as needed. ”

“But I want to stop and in a few weeks I think we should stop thinking so much about the incidence and look for very high vaccination coverage. From there, if it is necessary to give information on the evolution of the disease. pandemic, we can leave when it is necessary and in the weeks when there is no news of interest, then not to leave, “added, on his expectations in the future. And despite what has been said , he stressed: “I will go out for as long as they see fit, but it is true that I want to leave him now.”

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