“I know it by heart because I have heard it 300 times”

One of the main pieces of evidence from Operation Kitchen is a very compromising recording that allegedly implicates Mariano Rajoy. Bárcenas told Manuel García-Castellón, judge in the case, that he had kept it very well: “It was on a double bottom, but not on a prepared double bottom. It turns out that it is a large padded brown bench. open the cover., the space was kept hollow for it to have a second use, and the utility I gave it was to keep documents inside, and I did not move it not from there until I go to jail, ”said the PP’s ex-treasurer.

Although he denied it until these last statements before the judge, he now assures that this recording does indeed exist. “I said I didn’t record anyone because I didn’t have access to this information and couldn’t prove it, but there are two recordings, one to Don Mariano Rajoy and the other to Don Javier Arenas Bocanegra, “he said, after which he added that he remembers the audio of every word:” I know Mr. Rajoy’s recording by heart because I have it heard 300 times. “

This is a meeting that allegedly took place in Mariano Rajoy’s own office. “I go with the paper with the final balance and give him a photocopy and Rajoy says: ‘Luis, but how do you keep these papers?”

In view of these statements, the question arises as to, in the event that these alleged recordings exist, where are they presently located. Luis Bárcenas claimed that at one point the Popular Party offered him money and he ordered a prisoner to destroy this information while on temporary absence.

“Alex, you have to destroy all of MR’s audios when I give you the order. There shouldn’t be anything left,” said the former People’s Party treasurer in a handwritten note to which laSexta had access, an acronym that presumably alludes to the former president. Mariano Rajoy. However, the prisoner was detained, and it is not known whether he ultimately had access to this alleged documentation.

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