“I left it open, I didn’t want to compromise them”

Publication: Thursday, October 29, 2020 11:53

The release of Isabel Díaz Ayuso after the meeting with the presidents of Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León was described as “Kafkaesque” by García Page, who, like Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, assures that it seemed clear that the three in the perimeter fence of the Todos los Santos bridge.

However, the President of the Communities, during the press conference, spoke of the closure for days and that he was going to ask Pedro Sánchez. Because otherwise, he said, he will not do the perimentral confinement as announced by neighboring autonomies.

Ayuso, this Thursday in an interview with Cope, assured that she had told them that she would try to make the closure last for days, and that they reached an agreement to close only this bridge: “I did not want that this bridge (…), I left it open, because I did not want to compromise them ”, he assured.

“We are not in favor of the closure” and he says they are looking for alternatives to close as short as possible “, for this reason, he added, he sent a letter to Sánchez asking that the closure is allowed for days, although the government stresses that the decree of the state of alarm will not be affected.

These words from Ayuso are surprising, considering what Fernández Mañueco, also of the PP, said last night, in an interview with TVE, about this position in Madrid, he said: “President Ayuso said that ‘it seemed good to close the bridge, but We reminded him that the death of the state of alarm sets a minimum of seven days.

“At the meeting I understood it, at the press conference not so much”, explains, for his part, the Castilian president-La Mancha, García Page, who assures, in an interview with Ser, that “literally”, Díaz Ayuso didn’t. He explained that he intended to write a letter to Pedro Sánchez.

In addition, García-Page points out that he and Mañueco “came out absolutely convinced that there was an agreed basic approach” and recalls that weekly deliveries take place in Madrid in the different neighborhoods.

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