“I lived so much that I was not afraid”

Publication: Sunday December 27, 2020 2:49 PM

The day has come when doors open and hope enters thanks to the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine. Bernardina, an elegant 87-year-old woman who lives in Hondarribia, Basque Country, took off her jacket to discover an arm that she said had been through it all, but still lacked a vaccine against a global pandemic.

This Sunday was a day of celebration shawls and eyelids dyed blue, like those of Emilia, 80, who was the pioneer of Aragon and was vaccinated in a residence in Zaragoza with a temperament that the majority or to 20 years. “We must not be courageous, we must think that they do it to favor us, which is why we must no longer say yes to the vaccine,” said the woman.

And this is also defended by Batiste, the first to be vaccinated in the Valencian Community, who, if they had not selected him from among the inhabitants of a center in Rafelbuñol, would have been very upset. “I told them I wanted to be the first or second to get the vaccine,” the man said.

Meanwhile, at a residence in Pamplona, ​​Francisco, 70, admitted he was nervous and, therefore, “a little dry”, but he has every reason to want to get rid of this virus ASAP: “I have my son and my daughter-in-law with covid,” counted.

This generation is not given to the prissy, which they tell the Asturian Pepita. “I went through so much that I was not afraid of the vaccine,” says the 80-year-old woman who is afraid of having to stay locked up and not being able to go out for a walk, which she loves so much.

The first vaccinated in La Rioja, Javier, 68, appreciated the flashes and small objects. “I’m going to make history with this puncture,” he said, while Vicente, 72, was much more shy, the first vaccine from Extremadura, to whom the puncture was shortened.

In Hospitalet de Llobregat we saw Josefa, 89, very calm and Nicanor, from Extremadura but from Madrid by adoption very determined. The man appeared before the cameras with his jacket on at the residence where he lives with his wife in Vallecas, Madrid.

Can you imagine the fear and uncertainty you had to go through during these months? We owe all of our elders a round of applause and hope that they can resume the quiet life without historical milestones they deserve as much as possible.

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