“I propose to Errejón a unique candidacy for Madrid”

Updated: Monday, March 15, 2021 1:23 PM

Published on: 03.15.2021 13:22

Pablo Iglesias’ unexpected announcement is yet another blow to the battlefield that the Community of Madrid has become. So far, the Second Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 has explained, in a video intended for activism United We Can, what will be the strategy to fight against Isabel Díaz Ayuso. If the internal organs decide, of course.

In this video, Iglesias says that “history offers us an opportunity that we cannot fail to finally have a left government in the Community of Madrid”. “On May 4, it is decided whether the extreme right ends its assault on Madrid or if it is stopped,” he said.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot in the last few days with Isa Serra, with Jesús Santos and many other United We Can colleagues. We have decided that, if those registered so wish, I will run for the May 4 elections in the Community of Madrid, ”he said.

And he goes further: “An activist must be where he is most useful at all times.”

Thus, Iglesias’ ultimate goal is “to build a strong and broad left-wing candidacy to prevent the far right from taking control of our institutions.” “For this reason, I will propose to the companions of Más Madrid that, although we continue to be different spaces, we make a single candidacy for May 4. I am aware that it will not be easy, that there is lots of scars. “

The idea of ​​Pablo Iglesias is, in short, to seek “the unity that all the people of the left ask of us”.

“The far right does not fight with deserters, but with a strong candidacy full of character. To win these decisive elections, there is another political and ethical duty that history imposes on all of us who are in Madrid and left: the unity of transforming the left ”, reiterates.

If, indeed, United We membership can support the Secretary General’s decision, the Spanish government would have new faces. The proposal, in the absence of the approval of President Pedro Sánchez, is that Yolanda Díaz assume the second vice-presidency – maintaining his portfolio of work -, Ione Belarra – until now Secretary of State – be the new Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 and Irene Montero, Alberto Garzón and Manuel Castells retain their current competences, without any change.

“It will be an honor to occupy a position in which I can be more useful as a Madrid native and as an anti-fascist on May 4. Ayuso must be fired. Don’t tell us that there are things that are impossible,” he concludes in his speech.

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