“I run regularly, also half marathons”

Publication: Monday, April 12, 2021 11:04

The president of the Community of Madrid and candidate in the regional elections of May 4, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, was shaken by criticism by a video of her electoral campaign in which she visits various parts of the region, including the Isabel Zendal hospital.

“I already run regularly, also half marathons. It’s a normal video in which I run, as usual,” said the leader on Monday during an interview on ESRadio station. So, the candidate decided to remove the iron from the large number of comments and opinions generated by the video, which directs this news, in which you can see how Ayuso adjusts his shoes, with a tracksuit and a mask with a flag of the Community of Madrid before visiting the capital.

Answers to Ayuso’s video

One of the first candidates to give his opinion on Ayuso’s career was United We Can candidate Pablo Iglesias, who said on Sunday that “he only goes jogging where his people live and nowhere else”.

“Damn, you miss Madrid a lot, aunt, you could have made the gesture of going to be recorded running in a neighborhood or somewhere in the south”, sarcastically expressed the former second vice president during a meeting with the regional neighborhood federation. Madrid Associations (FRAVM).

But not only did Iglesias venture to comment on the candidate’s video, but also many other social media users who, as usual, did not hesitate to parody the images of the popular city leader.

As a result, users uploaded a multitude of montages of the campaign video to Twitter, which includes sounds from the “Super Mario Bros” video game or the soundtrack from the Benny Hill TV show.

Some fragments of the video were also immortalized to parody the greetings to different political figures, such as Mariano Rajoy (common in the memes of this social network).

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